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Jeroen van der Linden

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Jeroen van der Linden

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Jeroen van der Linden


My name is Jeroen van der Linden. I am 31 years old, I’m a father and I live in Gorinchem. I am a professional dancer and founder of BreakSquad crew. In my daily life I travel the world together with my crew for shows and competitions. I’ve been pushing myself physically and mentally by doing different kind of records. One of my last world records was 20km of headrolls, but now I want to challenge myself more by doing 30km of cartwheels and setting a new world record. Beside doing this new world record, I want to support Justdiggit by raising awareness for climate change and help re-greening the earth. Awareness is only a start, let’s make a change now.


We are on a mission to regreen Africa and cool down the planet. Together with millions of farmers, and together with you.

How it works: digging bunds for a cooler climate


Benefits of regreening

Did you know: by bringing back vegetation, we can reduce the effects of global warming by 37%? Regreening has a positive effect on nature, biodiversity, people, and the climate. And... all you need is a shovel.



In order to regreen and restore degraded land, we dig water bunds (or “Earth Smiles”). We dig these half-moon shaped pits together with local partners and communities in Kenya and Tanzania. This way, we allow the hard top layer of the soil to be cracked open again.


Capturing rainwater

The bunds slow down and capture rainwater running downhills. This prevents erosion of fertile soil. By capturing the water within the bunds, rainwater has more time to enter the ground, which restores the water balance within the soil.


Vegetation grows within the bunds

Thanks to the rainwater and the opening up of the top layer of the soil. The seeds still present below the surface now get the chance to sprout, which means: regreening! Sometimes we give the regreening process a little push, by sowing extra (grass) seeds within the bunds


Vegetation spreads outside the bunds

Not only will vegetation grow back inside the bunds, eventually the area surrounding the bunds also gets increasingly greener over time. This way the whole area becomes lush and green again within a few years only!


About Justdiggit



Justdiggit is on a mission to cool down our planet by making dry land in Africa green again. The projects that they initiate together with local partners in various African countries have positive effects on the preservation of biodiversity, livelihoods and climate. Justdiggit uses the power of communication and (mobile) technology to scale up the regreening process. Their ultimate goal is to eventually have African farmers themselves regreen their own land, and thus mitigate 37% of global warming.